“Grand Escape” (グランドエスケープ; gurando esukeepu) is a song sung by singer-actress Toko Miura (三浦透子; Miura Touko) and written by Japanese rock band Radwimps (ラッドウインプス; stylized as RADWIMPS), lead by singer and guitarist Yojiro Noda (野田洋次郎; noda yojirou). The new CD hit stores on June 6 and is… If you had never heard of Radwimps before last year, you probably have now. Noda is the lead vocalist, songwriter and guitarist of the Japanese rock band Radwimps and also began a solo project, Illion, in 2012. The singer further added that the … Radwimps’ lead singer Yojiro Noda reportedly spent some of his childhood in the States, lending the lyrics (and pronunciation) a bit more credibility than your average attempts at … He plays Shin, a struggling novelist who lives with 5 women who mysteriously showed up at his house. But last year film director Makoto Shinkai asked Yojiro Noda, the lead singer and songwriter, to create the soundtrack for an […] This show gets an immediate 10 points for starring the lead singer of RADWIMPS, the band behind the soundtrack for Your Name. RADWIMPS Lead Vocalist to Perform Tokyo Ghoul Film Theme! Popular rock band RADWIMPS have recently announced that they’re going to be releasing their first single in over a year and a half on June 10th. They each pay him a million yen and in exchange, he’s not allowed to ask any questions about them. Titled “Picnic”, the release’s lead track is set to be used as the theme song for upcoming movie “Toile no Pieta”, which will premiere in Japanese theaters on the prior weekend (the 6th of June). RADWIMPS – Weathering with You. There’s a beauty in music of not changing, but RADWIMPS is a band that has chosen to keep on changing," Noda explained. Last week, Radwimps released its newest single, but not all of the attention it’s been getting has been positive. Yojiro Noda (野田洋次郎, Noda Yōjirō, born July 5, 1985), is a Japanese singer, songwriter, musician, record producer and actor. Posts about Radwimps written by greenmoriyama. Born on July 5, 1985, Yojiro Noda is a Japanese musician, singer, songwriter and record producer. The Japanese rock band has been around since 2001, slowly gaining domestic popularity with major milestones in 2006 and 2008. Japanese rock band Radwimps has been riding high on newfound international fame since providing the theme songs for Makoto Shinkai’s smash-hit anime film "your name." RADWIMPS lead vocalist Yōjirō Noda has been a source of online backlash for over a week after publishing a tweet described as "Pro-Eugenics." MOVIE; Jun. ... Lead singer Yojiro Noda sings with gentle conviction, about how he sees “you” shouldering the weight of the world alone and his earnest wish for “you” to be alright, is comforting in validating in our struggles, and we know that in the end, we’ll be alright.