Designed to provide a smooth, consistent, and durable surface, cloth mousepads are preferred by gamers requiring pin-point accuracy with little friction. It's enough to cover most desk surfaces, which are great for gamers who play with big sweeping gestures. Still, with mouse pads as well-made and gorgeous to look at as these, you can be sure they're worth the wait. Grabbing yourself the best gaming PC is a far better way to ring in the new year than with a raging hangover. We found it easy to pinpoint attacks in our FPS testing with a hefty amount of overhead for DPI adjustments, thanks to the massive surface area. You can also download user shared profiles from Corsair's website. The best gaming mouse pads today are noted to create just about the right ambiance and provide the right support and comfort to deliver an improved gaming experience. Since it uses the Qi standard for wireless charging, you can place your phone in the corner to keep it charged while you game. When it comes to gaming desk mats, there’s no clear-cut winner. If you’re looking a sleek lap desk that also offers a precision-based mouse pad, this is one of the best options in the industry. Surface Type: Soft | Surface Material: Cloth | Dimensions: 54.92 x 24.4 x 0.24 in | Base: Rubber. Best Desk Pads and Mats in 2021 January 7, 2021 December 1, 2020 by Dhvanesh Just like a well-design stand and even a standing desk, the desktop mat can go a long way in making your working space look organized and stop accidental spills from spoiling the entire thing. The Gigantus V2 offers several different sizes, from 14 inches to a huge 47 inches. Surface Type: Hard | Surface Material: Plastic | Dimensions: 13.39 x 11.03 x 0.13 inches | Base: Rubber. The lack of any side stitching could affect its durability down the road, but performance-wise, the Gigantus V2 is still an impressive. Though, if you usually use hard surface mats, it may take some getting used to. One of these beauties listed below could really help set off your battle station, give it some style and personality, and above all else, offer a much more comfortable gaming experience. The Fan Favorite It’s small and lightweight hence easy to carry around. If you're like us, you've probably ditched the idea of wireless mice for serious gaming long ago. This makes it the lightest wireless gaming mouse by a significant margin. Oh, and don’t forget about the two built-in kickstands that pop up and hold your phone and/or gaming tablet! Whether you're looking for a new addition to your gaming room, or just prefer a larger surface area that will protect your desk, these are the best large mouse pads out there. That means the entire pad is wrapped with stunning RGB LEDs that you can control right from your PC. When we receive a new mouse pad to test, we do what we do best: Play lots and lots of PC games. The MP510 XL is made for gaming, but it’s not like the other pads on our list. Another added benefit of Razer's giant mousepad is that the underside can second as a green screen for pets. The stitched blue edges prevent fraying and provide a nice accent color that makes the mouse pad stand out without drawing too much attention away from the mouse on top. Introducing the Gallaway Leather Desk Pad, a rugged and traditional take on the classic tabletop accessory. NY 10036. Special Honors. But for those seeking something tried-and-true, this is hands down the best desk pad on the market. This feature-rich accessory is a slick gaming pad that’s sure to impress without breaking the bank. SogesHome 63 inches Gaming Desk Office PC Computer Desk Pro Gamer Desk Gaming Tables for Play Room or Office, with Full Cover Mouse Pad, USB Rack, Headphone Holder and Cup Holder, Black, NSDCA-LJ-1909-160-1 At 12 inches, the pad is a bit narrow for full-size keyboards. No matter how you utilize your computer, the gaming desk pad will help to reduce hand fatigue from using a trackpad. Gaming mice glide across the Spirit’s surface as smooth as a cloud, and the non-slip rubber base clings to your desk like a poltergeist haunting its prey. In all honesty, a mouse pad for your keyboard isn’t necessary, although it will help to protect your desk from wear, and it … And below that? Its tear and abrasion resistant nature have it looking good for many years to come. It specializes in colossal desk-sized pads in a range of limited edition styles. Manufacturer: SteelSeries | Fabric: Cloth | Dimensions: 35 x 16 inches | Thickness: 4mm | Colors: 1 | Price: . Logitech seems to have found the perfect middle ground between abrasive and smooth as we were able to seamlessly move and stop our mouse with ease during intense battles. To help you choose the best gaming desk, here is a comprehensive article with the top 10 gaming desks in 2021 and a buyer’s guide which includes all types of desk for PC gamers. Content here is updated regularly, equipping you with the freshest information and latest product selections. The Camping mouse pad featuring a sprawling mountain range is currently gracing Jacob's PC setup and comes with a tiny tent and campfire decal in the bottom left. Logitech - F310 Gaming Pad - Blue/Black Model: F310 This bad boy features everything you need to get started: a generous 35 x 16 inches worth of real estate, an extra-thick 4mm rubber base, and SteelSeries’s legendary micro-woven cloth exterior. Surface Type: Soft | Surface Material: Cloth | Dimensions: 15.75 x 12.60 x 0.14 inches | Base: Rubber. Unfortunately, there’s nothing very original about the QcK’s appearance, as it sports the customary all-black design so common among desk pads. The second difference is that the MM800 uses a whopping 15 LEDs, which we found to be much brighter than Razer's Firefly HyperFlux. It's not easy assigning value to a piece of cloth, but someone's got to do it. When combined with a compact, ten-keyless keyboard, the surface area for the mouse feels almost infinite. Visit our corporate site. The extended version is the largest available and designed to fit even the biggest gaming keyboards with plenty of room to spare. The Taito Control is also thicker and heavier than most of its competitors, making it our top pick for comfort and durability. The MM800 makes no compromises with a surface that rivals our top hard mouse pad's quality, the Logitech G440. The Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad is hand-washable and its foam interior has medium firmness, so it won’t be too hard or soft during use. The SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface, aka the best gaming mouse mat of all time in terms of sales. PU leather is a typical finish for gaming chairs, but it’s rarely seen on the desktop itself. For those with wireless charging phones, Corsair's MM1000 can also be considered here. Like most cloth mousepads, the MM300 Extended features a smooth, textile-weave design that ensures gliding a mouse across its surface feels like cutting through butter. But make no mistake: desk pads are the silent hero that your PC gaming setup deserves. The Hyperflux system also eliminates the need for a battery inside the mouse, allowing Razer to bring the Mamba Hyperflux down to a shocking 3.4oz (96 grams). When just a mouse pad isn’t enough, you may want to upgrade to a desk mat – that is, a gaming pad big enough to accommodate both your keyboard and mouse. Plus, the rest of your desk accessories won’t slide around. Best Buy customers often prefer the following products when searching for Best Gaming Pads. You’ve gotta check out the Cooler Master MP510 XL if you’re looking for the best gaming desk mat. But that's no reason to resign yourself to a frayed mess of a mouse pad, or worse: your bare desk *shudders*. The unmatched selection of gaming desk pad is bound to exceed your needs so don’t be left out. From there he graduated to professionally break things and then write about it for cash in the city of Bath, UK. Let’s start with an overview of the best desk pads in price-ascending order. PC Gamer is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. That being said, it's nearly impossible to mess up a mouse pad, even an old book makes a solid substitute, so there's rarely a bad word to be had or a pad to be ritualistically burnt. You'll want to check out its website every so often to see the latest flavor, as it usually only runs each one for a limited time as a group buys. Best Overall: YSAGi Multifunctional Office Desk Pad; Best For Gaming: Ktrio Extended Gaming Mouse Pad with Stitched Edges; Best Non-Glare: Satechi Eco-Leather Deskmate Until now. The major complaint is the pungent chemical smell that hits as soon as you open the box. The coolest part? I’m using this very large Homesure black leather desk mat (pictured at the top of this post), which comes in two sizes and three colors (black, brown, and blue). The Tribesigns computer gaming desk also features sturdy metal legs and adjustable foot pads to keep the desk stable and a waterproof, … You hardly even notice their soft and cushiony presence… until they’re gone. The idea behind this product is simple: if PU leather is comfy and durable enough to sit on, it’s probably well-suited to play on. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Manufacturer: Acer | Fabric: Cloth | Dimensions: 37 x 12 inches | Thickness: 3mm | Colors: 4 | Price: . Disclaimer It specializes in colossal desk-sized pads in a range of limited edition styles. Manufacturer: Gallaway Leather | Fabric: PU Leather | Dimensions: 36 x 17 inches | Thickness: 3mm | Colors: 3 | Price: . Prefer a desk pad with more mousing room and extra cushioning? You’re looking at $50+ for this desk pad, making it the most expensive option on our list. A full 5mm of plush rubber that’s soft enough to keep your wrists ready for action all night long. Required fields are marked *. Novelkeys is well-known for its custom group buys, covering everything a PC enthusiast could desire from key switches to mousepads. After comparing this data, we then read user reviews and narrowed our list down to the top 5 desk pads on the market. There are also plenty of desk pads larger than that which can make excellent gaming pads and vice versa. For me, the cool thing is doing things that could only be done in gaming. There are two major differences between Corsair's MM800 and competing RGB mousepads. Galdas Gaming Mouse Pad Beach Pattern XXL XL Large Mouse Pad Mat Long Extended Mousepad Desk Pad Non-Slip Rubber Mice Pads Stitched Edges Thin Pad (31.5x11.8x0.08 Inch)- Tropical Palm Sea and Beach 4.6 out of 5 stars 802 Nothing compares to a solid, hard surface mousepad when it comes to pure speed and low tactile resistance. Sign up for the High Ground Report newsletter and get the best of HGG delivered straight to your inbox. You can even customize your mousepad with the logo from your favorite esports team or competitive shooter. Desk pads are like Batman. Manufacturer: Cooler Master | Fabric: Cordura | Dimensions: 35 x 16 inches | Thickness: 3mm | Colors: 1 | Price: . The only downside is that you can't use the wireless mode without the mouse pad. For those who don’t know, the QcK’s proprietary fabric tracks beautifully – even at the highest DPI settings – and makes your mouse feel like Indiana Jones’ whip. Good news, gamers – the best desk pads are here to save the day! Once we've got a feel for how a particular mouse pad feels underhand, we play a couple more games to get a feel for things. Your email address will not be published. You will have to wait until the conclusion of the group buy before the production of your chosen mouse pad begins, after which it can be a few more months before you receive it. Combine that with its untethered freedom, and the mouse truly feels like an extension of your hand. -Warren Spector. RGB profiles from other Corsair products will automatically spill over to your mouse pad with ease. All of this research adds up to recommendations you can trust. That exact design is no longer available, but there are always much more accessible for you to pick up throughout the year. Each comes with a 100-year warranty, so you can count on it to go the distance, and there are several handsome colors available, including black and chestnut. You get the Razer Goliathus, of course! Most mousepads come in at an accommodating 900 x 400 x 4mm size with a rubber bottom, cloth top, and outer edge stitching to match. Fan-tastic laptop cooling pads that could help prolong the longevity of your notebook. In some instances, these desk pads can even help you organize your documents and keep important notes close at hand. Totally underrated, they carry out their mission to protect your desk and support your gear with no thanks or recognition. Our recommendation? Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, Can be noisy during intense mouse movements, What Cyberpunk 2077's Johnny Silverhand looked like before he became Keanu Reeves, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. Surface Type: Hard | Surface Material: Plastic | Dimensions: 13.7 x 10.2 x 0.2 inches | Base: Rubber. It’s made to support up to 17-inch laptops thus a perfect deal for your laptop. Manufacturer: Corsair | Fabric: Cloth | Dimensions: 37 x 16 inches | Thickness: 5mm | Colors: 2 | Price: . Please refresh the page and try again. But with great power… comes an insanely high price. The Corsair MM350 EXL is just the ticket. If you guessed the Acer Predator Spirits XL, you got it, dude! There's no 'Silicon Valley' where Jacob grew up, but part of his home country is known as 'The Valleys' and can therefore be easily confused for a happening place in the tech world. The ENHANCE is a stylish cooler pad with red LED lights. Massive price tags and needless functionality will see a few occasionally sent to the naughty corner, however. The below list ranges from simple and functional, all the way up to completely bonkers mousepads for gaming. Receive the High Ground Report delivered straight to your inbox. We hope you’ve found the perfect model for your setup. What happens when you combine the litheness of David with the overwhelming power of Goliath, and wrap them up into one shiny package? It’s just a fantastic pad that will see you get the best out of your gaming. Final Verdict The best wrist rest for most is Gimar's offering , a springy gel delight, though Belkin's Waverest is an awesome alternative if you want to save a few bucks. Get it now on . On the other hand, if you have the budget for it, Razer's Hyperflux is our top choice for its performance and sleek RGB lighting. For starters, you’ll usually find that mouse pads will have either a smooth or rough surface, and these different types of textures cater to certain styles of play. Plus, some of the newer desk pads have a different color on each side, so you can swap it up when you get bored. The best one for you depends on personal preference and the type of gaming setup you’re utilizing. What’s black, white, and silky smooth all over? These understated accessories come in various shapes and sizes, making them the ideal protective, non-slip solution for all your peripherals. It doesn’t have the same non-slip surface some of the more gamer-y ones do, but … You’ve gotta check out the Cooler Master MP510 XL if you’re looking for the best gaming desk mat. Due to the nature of a group buy, there can be delays along the way, too. Saddleback Leather Company Desk Pad With its full-grain leather top and suede-lined underside, the Saddleback Leather Company Desk Pad feels functional yet high-quality. Most FPS professionals prefer large cloth surfaces, as they make large sweeping motions with low DPI mice. We’ve picked out the top 7 pads on the market and curated them in this handy list just for you. Shopping for the best gaming mouse pad might seem as simple as finding one that looks good to you and will fit in with your gaming setup, but there’s more to these mouse pads than you would think. Thank you for signing up to PC Gamer. Leather I’ve turned into an old fuddy-duddy and my desk space is a bit less “gamer-y,” so these days, I’ve gone the leather route. Whether you like to move your mouse across the desk or just a couple of inches to make a 180 turn, Corsair's oversized mouse pad has you—and your desk—covered. Now, let’s take a closer look at the options, starting with our top pick! We checked out more than 20 of the best gaming mouse pads that will suit people of varying gaming styles—whether you’re a precision-type or FPS ... this product is also referred to as a desk pad. Its generous 15.7 x 12.6 in (400 x 320 mm) area puts it slightly above competitors' "medium" size but comfortably below their "large" or "oversized" options. Manufacturer: Razer | Fabric: Cloth | Dimensions: 36 x 12 inches | Thickness: 3mm | Colors: 4 | Price: . They came with a handful of issues, including poor latency, having to replace batteries mid-battle, or demanding that you plug a cable in to charge just when you least want to. And it's also still likely to be your best chance of … Manufacturer: Jelly Comb | Fabric: Cloth | Dimensions: 34 x 23 inches | Thickness: 3mm | Colors: 1 | Price: . But that’s where the comparison ends, because the Goliathus is powered by Razer Chroma! And with POWERPLAY, your compatible LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming mouse never needs to be plugged in to charge again. Measuring about 32 by 16 inches in size, you get a soft, durable desk pad that is mouse friendly. Browse the top-ranked list of Best Gaming Pads below along with associated reviews and opinions. These best laptop cooling pads of 2020 will do the job and more. New York, Surface: The surface is the main consideration when buying a desk pad. A desk pad can be used as the best mouse pad, writing pad, and even for desk surface protector. 1. Terms and Conditions. A gaming pad, for example, may measure 33.5 x 23 inches, and they often are designed with vivid colors and wild patterns. This makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of gamers. The mouse pad covers the entirety of the 14 square feet of the desktop area and is water-resistant and machine-washable. Galdas Gaming Mouse Pad Forest Background Pattern XXL XL Large Mouse Pad Mat Long Extended Mousepad Desk Pad Non-Slip Rubber Mice Pads Stitched Edges Thin Pad (31.5x13.8x0.08 Inch)-Tree 4.7 out of 5 stars 867 Read on to check ’em out! The gaming desk pad are perfect for use with your home gadgets or at your office. The large gaming surface it presents is just one of the many features that make it stand out. The Spirits XL boasts an unusual geometric motif with flared edges that stand out among the crowd. 8. The best gaming mouse pad is usually the most overlooked component in your whole gaming set up, but it can be a crucial part of the setup for your beastly gaming PC. At … While it does ultimately come down to personal preference, we prefer using hard mousepads while playing RTS and MOBA type games where swift map navigation and tight mobility are crucial. Some peripheral makers (Roccat included) parade their logos across mouse pad surfaces, so we appreciate the Taito Control's subtle approach. What's next? Surface Type: Hard or Soft | Surface Material: Plastic or Cloth | Dimensions: 13.97 x 11.12 x 0.5 inches | Base: Rubber. Just make sure to plan if you're hoping to pick up a Novelkeys design. Privacy Policy For example, the Subzero TYKA Extended Mammoth is well suited for a modern and minimalistic environment, while the Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma fits best when alongside RGB gaming devices. There was a problem. Jelly Comb is known for their high quality and highly affordable PC accessories, and the JC Desk Pad is no exception. If you’re looking for a desk pad suited for office use and casual gaming, this is it. Like most of its competitors, this micro-textured cloth pad is soft to the touch, and the non-slip rubber base grips your desk like glue. It features a high-quality micro-textured finish that allows mice to easily glide across the surface without sacrificing precision during small mouse movements. This light-up mouse pad's functionality is still going to raise some eyebrows, but Corsair's solution offers a whole lot more than just a flashy light show. The mouse pad provides just the right amount of feedback without any excess noise generated from our rapid mouse movements. At a glance, the surface of the G440 might appear to be completely smooth, but it is a polyethylene surface featuring microtextures that offer the perfect amount of resistance. Pair it with one of our best wireless gaming mouse options, and you're laughing. It’s also splash-resistant and extremely durable, with securely bound stitching and a rubber base that stays put – always. Forget about mouse pads that just cover a portion of your desk, the SteelSeries QcK Prism Cloth 5XL is here to take over the entirely of your tabletop. On a budget? Anyway, most of these require some form of proprietary compatibilities, such as Logitech's Powerplay system, so be sure to check whether your mouse and mouse pad will work together before you go jumping in, hand first. For this guide on desk pads, our writers spent 2 hours researching over 50 of the most popular options from brands big and small. Whatever the case was, the wireless freedom became hardly worth the trouble. The QcK Prism definitely falls within the category of the best, if not best. He enjoys crafting game reviews, developing guides, and playing his Nintendo Switch into the wee hours of the night. This affordable desk pad from Acer boasts a tightly woven cloth exterior that’s oil, water, heat, and tear-resistant. Surface Type: Soft | Surface Material: Cloth | Dimensions: 47.24 x 21.65 x 0.16 in | Base: Rubber. Enjoy. Happy Gaming! Yikda Extended Leather Gaming Mouse Pad. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up Your email address will not be published. Whatever your taste or workplace needs, we’ve assembled a list of 8 of the best desk pads for men. About Austin is a content writer and avid gamer, with a particular fondness for RPGs. Look below the motif, and you’ll find a glide-enhanced woven surface that’s ideal for precise tracking and hair-trigger action. You can check out our full review here. The Witcher 3: Cat School Gear Guide [2021], 15 Best Auto Rifles in Destiny 2 for 2021, 15 Best Hand Cannons in Destiny 2 for 2021, Attractive, innovative material and finish, Remains put and stays flat right from the box, Protects your desk, cushions your hands, and supports your accessories, Not suited for fast-paced or competitive gaming, Reports that the surface is too soft, with not enough grip, Micro-textured finish is ideal for fast-paced competition, Durable anti-fray stitching and splash-proof design, Some users may dislike the ribbed surface, Unlike other cloth desk pads, the MP510 is not easily washable, Silky smooth top with non-slip rubber base, Generous size that holds mouse, keyboard, and monitor, Ships folded, which leaves creases in the fabric, Cool grunge graphic w/ wear-resistant dye, Extra-long pad with unrivaled 5mm of cushioning, Contrast in the photo looks duller in person, Difficult to tell when the pad needs cleaning, Sports a sharp two-tone geometric print and flared edges. Instead, it’s got a textured Cordura surface that acts as a gaming-optimized microscopic mesh, providing a level of precision tracking unseen in competitor models. Choosing the best desktop for your gaming experience is all about trade-offs. Let it air out a few days (preferably outside) before setting ‘er up. At the same time, its rubber base helps prevent it from sliding around your desk while you’re gaming. Gaming Mouse Pads From whole-desktop to minimal size, Logitech G has engineered each surface for maximum consistency and stability. The MM300 is Corsair's premium line of cloth mousepads featuring a non-slip rubber base, stitched edges to prevent fraying, and a sturdy thickness of 0.12 inches (3mm). The Arozzi Arena Gaming desk is one of the best gaming desks you can buy, thanks in no small part to its big, outstanding design. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, Trans-human charging abilities? After that, if we like how it looks and is built to last rigorous gaming, it gets a thumbs up. It sticks to the tabletop, so you don’t have to worry about slippage. The best gaming mouse pad with a hard surface is the Logitech G440, which provides the same straightforward, no-nonsense experience that you'd get from Logitech's softer options. HGG is a website that helps gamers both optimize their gaming experience and get an edge over their adversaries. Shop for desk pad at Best Buy. They are primarily made of rubber composites with synthetic fabrics woven together to create a dense foamy structure with a soft top. This desk pad will almost cover your entire desktop and keep it safe. Some are covered in RGB lighting, while others offer Qi wireless charging that'll power your phone while you get lost in the world of Cyberpunk 2077. Looking for something different? Today's mouse pads offer even more features than you would expect. Sign up to get the best content of the week, and great gaming deals, as picked by the editors. They also perfectly accent the most popular gaming desks, boosting your cool factor by several levels. However, you can take the micro-USB cord from the pad to plug in the Mamba and use it on the go. The most affordable and common type of mouse pad is the classic cloth one. The desk is … Turns out, that’s right! But if you’re using a 60% or tenkeyless, it’ll seriously up your game. Unlike other manufacturers that create various sizes for their cloth mouse pads, Roccat has opted for a middle-of-the-road approach with the Taito Control. If not, it's a thumbs down, and it's tossed on the great mouse pad fire raging since '85. Unlike their cloth counterparts that all use very similar textiles, hard mousepads are made from a wide variety of components and blends, including aluminum, plastic, and rubber. The first thing you’ll notice about the MM350 is the grunge aesthetic complete with Corsair logo – guaranteed to look absolutely clean on any desk. While any one of these best mouse pads will make gliding the best gaming mouse around look easy, they likely won't aid much to your in-game response times and accuracy. Light up the night with flashing colors, or slow things down with a monotone palette or gentle flow – the choice is yours. While it’s not the thickest or most durable desk pad around, it does boast a silky smooth cloth with anti-fray stitching. Weird how Razer doesn't mention that in any of their marketing material. Get to the high ground. And PU leather isn’t just cozy for your hands and wrists – it’s also soft enough to track low-medium DPIs without issue. And, to top all of that off, these desk mats help bring in a little bit of a personal touch to the 9-5. Want to learn more about the Cooler Master MP510? First, the MM800 features a USB pass-through port that can be used to plug in your mouse or a flash drive conveniently. This soft surface type mouse pad performs pretty well. If you want to use the desk pad for writing you have to choose leather or faux leather desk pad. And, at 23 inches wide, it’s big enough to support all your gear, including your mouse, keyboard, and monitor. PC gamers requiring subtle but rapid mouse movements prefer these slick, low friction surfaces that allow them to glide their mouse with ease. The MP510 XL is made for gaming, but it’s not like the other pads on our list. A PC gaming setup is not complete until you have a stylish looking gaming desk as well. For us, the simplicity and ultra-smooth surface of the Logitech G440 make it our top choice when considering speed. Using Corsair's revamped iCUE software, you can easily create your advanced lighting profiles for the MM800 or choose from a large sample of preset modes. Every game uses system resources -- processor (aka CPU), … You can get this desk pad in 12 different colors, to match the rest of your accessories. You will receive a verification email shortly. Contact Us They vary dramatically in friction, weight, and design, so there is sure to be a hard mouse pad out there that is perfect for you. A desk pad can easily fulfill the demand and gives a comfortable gaming experience.